5 must haves for your handbag

5 must haves for your handbag

Ladies need to carry their handbags from time to time. Whether they are going out, for work or any place away from home demands that they carry a handbag. In the handbag, essentials are put but not all of them fall under the same category. In this article, we will discuss the 5 must haves that a handbag should carry.

Mobile phone

As a lady, carrying your phone in the handbag is more comfortable than putting it in the pocket. Sometimes ladies are in skirts and the only safe place they can put their phones is inside the handbags. They may be insider smaller pouches but all the same it is more convenient and safe.

Hand wipes and toiletries

Not all washroom facilities will be properly equipped with necessities that ladies may require. For that reason, it is important to package enough to avoid inconveniences from time to time. A lady can put a few of these essentials and they can be at peace that everything is in order should they need to use them.

Medical needs and feminine products

Some medical essentials like aspirin, decongestants, inhalers (for users) anti-allergens and other first aid essentials are very important. They should never lack in a handbag because first is needed when it’s not expected. To avoid being victims of unprecedented encounters, these essentials should be in the handbag. Sanitary towels are also important just in case they are needed.

A pen and small notebook

Although you may not have planned to take notes or attend a seminar, it important to have these essentials. From time to time, you may need to document important things in note form. The phone may fail to hold that information but you can simply take the notes and keep them for reference. Even when you want to dispose the phone, that information will be readily available for reference.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Some days are different from others and that is without controversy. I is important to have the sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your skin and eyes from the direct rays of the sun. Even when you walk in a hot sunny day, your skin and eyes will be protected from possible damage.


In conclusion, the handbag is like an extra room for ladies to quickly access essentials even when they are away from home. If the above must haves are safely kept in the handbag, the worry of inconvenience and embarrassment fades away.

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