5 Top Tips for Improving Your Blog’s Domain Authority

5 Top Tips for Improving Your Blog’s Domain Authority

How can you improve your blog’s domain authority? Your blog’s domain authority is a valuable insight into how your website might rank on search engine results pages; scores range between 1 and 100 with the higher numbers being the best performing blogs. The calculations are reached by taking multiple factors into account. 


To improve your blog’s domain authority, start by reading these top 5 tips which are quite easily implemented and could have a drastic effect on your blog’s success. Another approach of course is to seek the help of a digital marketing agency.


1: Which sites are linking to yours? 


This is an important one. Google likes it when your site is linked to from high quality sites. It doesn’t like it when low-quality sites link to your site. It makes complete sense – if your content is good enough for respectable websites to share, then your website is trustworthy and valuable. There are plenty of tools which can be used to audit the links your website is subject to. Check that out now.


2: Content that’s worth sharing


This is the trick to not only receiving the quality backlinks you’re after but also to retaining your visitors. A website or blog with excellent content will always be on the receiving end of positive attention. And Google knows it too.


3: Get some quality backlinks


There’s no rushing this one. That’s because it’s arguably one of the most important of these tips and the most effective. Getting quality backlinks can take time though. You can try simply reaching out and asking high ranking websites to link to your content – and if it’s good, some definitely will. This approach takes patience though and you must be certain that the website is actually relevant to your own content. 


4: Is your website mobile-friendly?


A surprising number still aren’t. You can check this quite easily – if it isn’t then you’ll be losing many potential visitors as when they land on your website on a mobile device, it will look terrible and they’ll leave instantly. Check that your site is optimised for mobile devices asap.


5: How fast are you going?


Or, what’s the loading speed of your site like? Is it slow and clunky? This sometimes happens on image-heavy websites, but it can easily be fixed. Check the loading speed of your website as a matter of urgency. You can do it here for free.


Some of these tips might take a little dedication to implement but others won’t take long at all.

Once you take control of your domain authority, you’ll find it much easier to maintain because your blog will begin to enjoy a higher ranking and backlinks will come organically.

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