Stained glass

Can I Get the Stained Glass Look in My Home?

Stained glass is acclaimed for its durability and timeless beauty, adding a stunning focal point to any building, and often adding value to a property. If you’re interested in adding a stained glass feature to your home take a look at the following advice to find out how. 


Stained glass can replace any window in your home to add a unique flair to your property. A minimalist, budget friendly option is to feature it on your front door, which not only adds a personalised accent to the front of your home and boosts curb appeal, it also offers privacy from passers-by. Larger windows can also be replaced with stained glass alternatives, though you may wish to consider having these encapsulated within a double-glazed panel for added security and heat retention. 


The option to specify the design of your stained glass window enables you to inject your personality into your home’s aesthetic. Many people choose to tailor the design of stained glass to be in keeping with the period their property was built, others may opt for a more personal design, having family initials incorporated into the glass or choosing a style which reflects their personality. 


If you decide that stained glass is the right choice for your home, you need to consider the care involved in keeping it maintained. If properly cared for, stained glass windows can easily last a century before needing replacement or restoration. The most basic care is to wipe regularly with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris. If you do feel they require a more intense clean, then purified water on a soft cloth should be your first approach. Make sure that whatever you use on your window is non-abrasive and is pH neutral to avoid eroding the glass.

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