Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child
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Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Creative writing is a great way for your child to express themselves through their imagination. Even if they may not like reading or writing that much, creative writing can still be a great output for creative energy. With the help of an independent school in Hammersmith, we’ve put together some points on how you can explore creative writing, and all its benefits, with your child. 


Inspire your children to write  


You can introduce the world of creative writing through a gentle encouragement to either write a diary, or to simply write about their experiences. Encouraging a holiday journal, or activities that gets your kids to write about what they have been doing is a positive way to see if your child enjoys writing. It will also allow them to think about themselves in a more engaging way, as thinking about their experiences will help them have more consideration for the world around them . 


Encourage Reading

Reading allowed to your children, or getting them to read out loud, is a wonderful way to get your children engaged with the written world. Introduce them to some of your childhood favourites and the different worlds of fiction you liked getting lost in. Having discussions about these books and the world they create can spark your child’s imagination and get them thinking about fictional worlds of their own. Ask them what it is they liked about the story, who their favourite characters were, what parts made them happy, what parts made them sad. Engaging with what worked and didn’t work for them in stories will help them when it comes to achieving an understanding of how writing should work.  


Develop Vocabulary

You can develop activities based around building vocabulary and grammar. One great way to do this is by playing Scrabble, introducing them to new words in a fun and interactive way. You can also set certain writing tasks in the form of games in daily activities. Try to remember to bring in lessons on grammar and structure too, bringing your child’s attention to the way writing is formed and structured within different mediums. 


Becoming involved with creative writing can be a lifelong pursuit. Getting your child engaged with the world of writing at a young age can encourage them to get in touch with their creative side, allowing them the avenues to express themselves in an imaginative and artistic manner. 

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