Using Promotional Merchandise to Market Your Business

Using Promotional Merchandise to Market Your Business

Marketing is an ever-changing game; a constant push to grab interest and then to keep it there.

Living as we do in a digital world, some business owners ask, “What’s the point of promotional merchandise? Does it still work?”  Well, the answer to that question according to this study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, is that they certainly do! The findings point to the fact that people will keep promotional materials for around 8 months after they receive it. That’s a lot longer than a pop-up advert or even a video will last.


The simple act of giving good quality branded items will always leave a favourable impression on a consumer. They’re spending their hard-earned money on your products or services, the least you can do is give them a cap or a fiddle toy!  When people receive a gift like this, they retain a good impression of your business – they have a lasting reminder of you too.


What makes a good promotional gift?


It depends on your market. Consider your audience – if you sell eco-friendly clothing then your audience won’t want a free plastic pen with your company name on it.


They might like a free wooden pencil though – especially if the timber is from sustainable sources.

The best gifts are usable, practical gifts. Maybe a little sample of your products or maybe something unrelated. Here are some ideas:


  • Metal water bottles – people will always use these
  • Mugs – great for the office
  • Umbrellas – again, practical, and usable
  • Hand towels – who has enough of these?
  • Torches – always good for the toolbox
  • Small toys – to bring home to the family


Should digital businesses give away promotional items too?


Yes! Years ago, when eBay was not the gargantuan it now is, sellers were thrilled to receive a mini string of fairy lights in the shape of the eBay logo. The lights were cute and brightly coloured, and people enjoyed them. The cost was probably minimal, but recipients would now have a constant reminder of the website in their office. 


If you can run to it, send a promotional gift to your best customers right before one of the major holidays and you can’t go wrong.

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